Síssi Fonseca

is a visual artist and performer. She has a Bachelor Degree in Communication from the School of Communication and Arts from the University of São Paulo. She has  also learned dance and visual arts for several years.  From 2004 to 2006 she lived in Berlin, Germany, where she also deepen her artistic research. Since 2006 she lives again in São Paulo, Brazil.


As an artist, she has presented her work in the United States, England, Germany, France, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela in places such as Arnolfini Center Bristol UK, Columbus State University USA, Royal Academy of Arts in Kopenhagen, Schiller Pallais Berlin, Galerie Artcore Paris, Centro Cultural Matucana 100 Santiago, Centro Cultural Recoleta Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Lia Bermudez Venezuela, Paço das Artes São Paulo, SESC Vila Mariana Sãó Paulo, among others.


.In her performances she uses her body to tell us about memories and feelings, that belong to our daily life, but she transforms them in unusual moments. The feminine intuition and the experiences of the woman in our society serve as stoff for her artistic creation. She observes and researches the gestures of the people and she interacts with the space, where she presents her performances.